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Forging Paths Toward Transformational Change

Through an approach that is both constructive and centers our shared humanity, we advise and support our clients to pursue structures, policies, practices, and a culture that is more humanizing and positions them to better accomplish their organizational mission and leadership aims. 

More than traditional "check-the-box" strategies are required for transformational change.  At Brigham Consulting, we curate and tailor solutions for our clients as we partner with them to move beyond the transactional to the transformational. Our focus is to advance, infuse, and center equity, justice, inclusion, and expansion as leaders and organizations. 


Our team of strategists, passionate players, disruptors, and systems thinkers center our shared humanity and intentionally create experiences that are productive and healing while also developing solutions that will lead to equitable structures, policies, and practices. 

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Our work focuses on providing the resources, tools, and practices needed to support transformational leadership and organizational change.  We aim to move leaders and organizations from using the "right" language of change to building the capacity, agency and will to act upon those words. 


We take our approach seriously and it's foundational in the culture of our firm.  A few key values that undergird our approach include:

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Conocimiento to Ubuntu

Conocer loosely translates to mean "to be or become familiar" and Ubuntu is the understanding that "I am because you are." It's the practice of seeing the other as extensions of ourselves. Nurturing our interconnectedness is key to affecting the changes needed to more effectively achieve organizational goals and objectives.

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Take an Equity Pause

To create more equitable conditions and outcomes, both in the world and in our work, it is necessary to intentionally pause and make space to understand how and why we are all positioned differently and how our positionality impacts our lived experiences.  As such, what does it mean to create structures, policies, and practices that are more sensitive and equitable?

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Center the Voices of the Unheard & Least Heard

Institutional and systemic structures are designed to silence the voices of those furthest from power. In our practice, we intentionally center and lift up marginalized perspectives - both at the individual and organizational level -  to ensure their authentic inclusion and expansion in service of the missioned work.

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Unearth Hidden Messages & Listen for Understanding

This work is about advising and supporting individuals as well as affecting systems change. To do so, we must listen for implicit messages in both the self and the systems we’re working in. We encourage our clients - and our own team - to observe and listen to their bodies, minds, and spirits for moments of discomfort and to lean into it with gentle curiosity as a way to learn, question, and make room for productive - rather than destructive - tension.

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Commit to Inside-Out Work

This work requires an “all-in” approach for maximum uptake and impact. We commit to, and ask our clients to commit to, doing individual work apart from our roles in our respective organizations. In the same way, organizations must commit to their own internal work, separate from the mission or business model.

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Our Services

Our work focuses on providing the resources, tools, and practices needed to support transformational leadership and organizational change. We tailor our approach based on the needs and goals of each client, but here are examples of the types of support we offer.

Capacity, Agency &


Strategic Development & Planning & Program Design

Healing, Coaching & Public Speaking


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