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Our work focuses on providing the resources and guidance needed to transform leaders and organizations in the direction of equity, justice, and inclusion. We tailor our approach based on the needs and goals of each client, but here are examples of the types of support we offer.


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Centering equity, justice, and inclusion requires building several muscles that may have atrophied or were never built. We focus on:


  • Capacity building: identifying the gaps that exist within individuals and organizations that are keeping them from living and exemplifying their “why.” This includes understanding the phenomena that are embedded in inequitable systems as well as how they manifest themselves.

  • Agency building: developing an equity imperative that aligns with, and undergirds, all of an organization’s work.

  • Will building: understanding the cost both for individuals and an organization’s business model of doing transformational equity work and building the will to execute on it. 

Traditional strategic planning is about the “what” - such as the strategic goals, resources, and time - that is needed to achieve organizational change. At Brigham Consulting, we partner with you to understand your organization’s “how” and “why,” as a critical function in getting to your strategic “what.”


This leads to meaningful and sustainable transformation. This can include the design of racial and cultural equity analyses, a strategic plan, and curriculum development. 

Focused on the individual as well as organizational culture, this work can include:

  • The design and execution of healing circles to acknowledge, strategize, and exercise practices to overcome oppressive systems.

  • Leadership coaching to equip individuals with the tools, resources, and will to advance equity, justice, and inclusion.

  • Engage in public speaking for community groups, national leaders, and more.

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